As It Is – Okay. Review

     Off the bat, Okay. pulls you in with the opening guitar riffs in “Pretty Little Distance.”

Patty Walters, lead vocalist, then joins, showing off his cleaner and less-nasally vocals. From the drums, claps, and repetitious choruses, this album is sure to get stuck in any pop-punk-loving kid’s head. “It’s a shame this has taken me so long to say, Hey Rachel, I’m sorry” cries Walters in “Hey Rachel” as he bares his heart in an endearing apology to his sister for his past mistakes and not being there for her as they grew up. “Patchwork Love” feels fresh and between the roaring instrumentals and appealing vocal melodies, which is a track that proves hard not to belt out along with. The album slows down with “Curtains Close” describing the pressure to keep up the appearances of a picture-perfect, happy family, even when times get tough. From here, Okay. segways amicably into the dirty, grimy, punk feeling of “Soap.” Lastly, “Until I Return” brings back that pop-punk punch of a love song, leaving you no choice but to jump to and sing along. As It Is seem to have found that perfect balance of fun, sincere, punk, and love songs to make this record noteworthy in the pop punk scene.

Overall: If you’re looking for pop punk gold, no need to look any further – As It Is has you covered. From heartfelt melodies to jump-inducing anthems, Okay. is a strong contender for album of the year.





Review by Shane Haley

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