WSTR – Red, Green or Inbetween Review

     Generic UK pop punk is beaming right now, with the likes of Neck Deep, Trash Boat, Roam, and…. WSTR.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love all these bands. A lot. But, even as pop punk goes, they all sound the same – yelling vocals over a fairly basic, fast-paced drumming pattern and repetitious guitar. WSTR’s Red, Green or Inbetween is no exception, with only a few standout tracks. The third song on the record, “Gobshite,” is a 38 second, almost humorous take on the classic “we’re standing our ground in the scene” song. “Nail the Casket(Thanks For Nothing)” is a head-bopper, but tells the age-old, whiny pop-punk story of being dumped too many times. “Eastbound & Down” shows the most promise with more upbeat, lighter sound and overlapping vocal layers giving the song more dimension. Taking things up to max speed, “Hightail” is very fast-paced and I bet translates very well live, sure to bring lots of good crowd surfing and stage diving. Red, Green or Inbetween isn’t necessarily a bad album, per se, but it also definitely doesn’t bring anything new to the already oversaturated scene.

Overall: Nothing new. If you’re into bands like Neck Deep and Roam, these guys are perfect for you. If not, the album’s a sleeper.





Review by Shane Haley

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