Courage My Love – Synesthesia Review

     A simple 50 second instrumental track opens Courage My Love’s Synesthesia beautifully.

“I’m a song you don’t wanna play” sings Mercedes Arn-Horn, lead vocalist and guitarist, in vocal-focused “Stereo,” a song that makes you wanna get up and dance with someone with its upbeat and catchy tune. “Love Hurts” has this grimy, creepiness I can’t get enough of in the beginning, turning into a synth-infused tale of a relationship turned sour, that I’m sure anyone could relate to. On Synesthesia’s ballad, “Two Headed Monster,” it shows off Arn-Horn’s flexibility and control over her voice in a more somber setting. “Sight:Sound,” the following track, is another instrumental that tickles the senses, to say the least. The track leads nicely into “Need Someone” which is a more chill, laid back vibe that will still make you want to sing along. “Never Gonna Change” is quite the dance song. With an uppity beat that is sure to bring jumps during their live shows and roaring guitars later in the song, this song packs a bit of a punch. I will say “Taste:Touch,” a third installment of an instrumental track, following a dancey song was an odd choice to end the album, but it did feel like it rounded out the album nicely. If you know me, you know I’m not the biggest fan of female vocals, but I can definitely see myself coming back to this album for more.

Overall: Synesthesia surprised me. Definitely an album with replayability. It’s full of catchy, simple, and easy to sing along with bops.





Review by Shane Haley

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