A Will Away – Here Again Review

    A Will Away is going to be the scene’s new favorite pop rock band.

Example A: Here Again. The intro of “Pay Raise” reminds me of a more rock version of Foster the People’s “Pumped Up Kicks,” from the general vibe to lyrics stating “daddy’s got a shotgun.” The song then picks up more and becomes a chilled-rock type of song that feels fresh. The guitars and drums in “Well-Adjusted” compliment each other and make a great combo under vocals and lyrics that encourage the listener to sing along. “Caroline” might be my least favorite track on the record. I find it a tad boring and the chorus feels a bit repetitive, just making me want the next song to come on. Two tracks later “Summon Your Savior” slows the album down into a somber ballad, picking up into beautifully overlaying vocals later in the song. “Into The Light” is one of those jams you put on while driving down the highway late at night with your windows down. Last on the album is an acoustic, rightly titled “Something Special.” It feels like the ribbon on this album, especially with the addition of drums in the latter half and that makes the song, and album, feel whole.

Overall: A Will Away kill it with their debut full-length. If you’re into pop rock, you’re going to want to give Here Again a spin.





Review by Shane Haley

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