State Champs at The Ready Room in St. Louis, MO | Review + Photos

This tour package packs a punch of energy.

This is Don Broco’s very first US tour (they’re from the UK), but that does not mean there weren’t fans who came out to The Ready Room in St. Louis, MO to sing along to every song they played. Don Broco even switched up their setlist for the night, adding in “Priorities,” the title track of their debut full length(2012), as per a fan request made on twitter. The band got the entire crowd off their feet jumping. At one point near the middle of their seven-song set, they had every crouch down, then all jumping up together as they resumed playing. Everyone was all smiles about the crowd interaction.

With Confidence, from Sydney, Australia, were up next. These guys have been one of my favorite live bands since I first saw them on Warped Tour 2016, their first US tour. Now, they’re on the first actual US tour and are killing it. They’ve got that same lively energy and vibe from them that I remembered from the summer. The crowd was jumping, singing, screaming, and crowd surfing along as the band performed. “With Con,” as fans call them, also changed a song in their setlist. They added a more emotional song called “Keys,” off their debut full length Better Weather.

New York-natives, Against the Current, are no stranger to STL. They’ve played here countless times over the years, and their fans were ever present. From oldies off previous EPs, such as “Talk,” “Paralyzed,” and “Gravity,” to hits off their debut full-length In Our Bones, like “Forget Me Now” and “Runaway,” AtC got the crowd singing.

By the time State Champs took the stage, the crowd was buzzing with excitement. The crowd yelled every lyric back to the band without missing a single beat, even when State Champs played their recently released single “Slow Burn,” off their upcoming CD/DVD Around the World and Back Deluxe Edition. St. Louis, a typically B-market city, brought so much energy and so many crowd surfers during State Champs’ set, anyone could forget its status in the market. As an encore, the band played their biggest hit yet, “Secrets,” which took the crowd to another level for both energy and sound.

It’s only April, and this concert is already going down as one of the top shows brought to St. Louis in 2017.

Show date: April 12, 2017
Don Broco
With Confidence
Against the Current
State Champs








Review and photos by Shane Haley

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