Mallory Knox – Wired Review

     Mallory Knox’s Wired is pop rock done right.

Over the the past few years alone the UK’s brought some incredible pop rock bands to the scene – Bring Me the Horizon, You Me at Six, Don Broco, and my current favorite, Mallory Knox. “Giving It Up” has an edge to it that makes it fun and let’s you release some built up anger out of you as you sing along. The guitar, drums, and background gang vocals all blend so well in “California” and really help make the lead vocals feel fun and passionate. Wired’s title track feels incredibly fresh with effects on some of the guitar and vocal tracks. The roaring guitar solo in the second half of the song, feels so good and amps up the song to get the listener ready for some passionate vocals that flow back into the chorus like water. “For You” is a bit slower and is a very caring song about not being in a very good state, but trying to get better for someone else. The groove in “Better Off Without You” makes me want to let loose, dance, and have fun. The intro to “Falling in Love” with raw, simple guitar and a layer of vocals on top draws listeners in, as if the singer were telling a secret. This builds up into a full band track with angst and a bit of anger, all ending the same way the song started, with some simple guitar and vocals. As the record begins closing out, “Come Back Around” is an uplifting song about when “It’s hard to breathe when you feel you’re sinking” and the singer reassures he’ll “never let you go.” “Mother” is a retrospective, almost coming-of-age track about growing up and appreciating things that you couldn’t as a kid or teen. Wired, as a whole, is an incredible album, that combines rock and pop rock beautifully. I’ve listened through and through, looking for a reason not to give this album a 10/10 rating, but alas, I cannot find a single reason, so here’s Crown Times’ first 10/10 rating!


Overall: If you’re into pop, rock, or any variation of rock, I’d recommend giving Wired a shot. They mix pop rock and angst so well.





Review by Shane Haley

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