Misery Loves Company – Love Notes and Highways Review

     Misery Loves Company’s Love Notes and Highways blends together, creating an eerie, fast-paced debut.

“Save Me From Myself” is an engaging opening track and sets the mood, opening with strings and freaky, Nightmare Before Christmas-esque vocals, soon adding in more haunting drums and guitar work as the song picks up. The strings and freaky vocals return for the very ending of the song, creating a great transition into “All Used Up,” which has a duality between its fast-paced drums and slower, more drawn-out vocals that works very well. “Goodbye Forever” includes a catchy chorus, which may not get stuck in your head, but will definitely make you want to sing along before the end of the song. The fifth and penultimate track, “To Whom It May Concern,” is the most emotive and heaviest song on the EP. Overtop a quick drumbeat and guitar, it introduces more screaming that is weaved into the singing vocals amicably. As a debut EP, Love Notes and Highways is a good release, but more over, I’m excited to see Misery Loves Company progress with their future releases, hopefully seeing more variance in their songs with tone, mood, and pace.


Overall: Lovers of eerie, theatrical music, such as The Venetia Fair, My Chemical Romance, and the Illustrator, will love Love Notes and Highways, but they should know its tracks tend to blend together, sounding more like one long song than six short ones.





Review by Shane Haley

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