Creeper – Eternity, In Your Arms review

     With the departure of My Chemical Romance in 2013, the world was left with a big hole where that MCR-style of theatrical music used to be. Many bands attempt to try to fill that empty space, Creeper too.

Eternity, In Your Arms’ very first song, “Black Rain,” is definitely my favorite song off the record. It opens with delicate piano, background choir-like “oo’s,” and spoken word by Hannah Greenwood (vocals, keys, violin), soon adding in almost sudden quick, booming guitars and drums. This song mixes Will Gould’s (lead vocals) and Greenwood’s male and female vocals beautifully in the chorus. “Poison Pens” brings a more punk edge to the album with fast drums and yelling backup vocals. The following track, “Suzanne,” I find repetitive and even a bit annoying. It feels as if 85% of the song is the chorus being repeated and another 10% is the word “now” over and over in a nagging voice. I’m also not a fan of the ‘false song end’ they used just after the halfway point in the song. “Hiding With Boys,” on the other hand, is a total sing along. I guarantee that by the end of the song listener will be singing along “Hiding the evidence of dying youth under cigarettes and stale perfume.” Both the vocals and the instrumentation have this swinging feel to them that’ll also have the listeners bobbing their heads to the beat. Song five is one of three ballads. This one, “Misery,” talks of an old flame, but not being over her, yet knowing there are “reasons to stay away” from him. Ballad two is sung mostly by Greenwood, accented by Gould in the background, which works marvelously on “Crickets.” The third ballad is also the album closer. This song is alluring and beautifully driven by violin and piano (later adding full band, including harmonica to the middle), and ends the record on the positive idea, and song name, “I choose to live.” Creeper’s Eternity, In Your Arms feels like if My Chemical Romance and AFI had a kid together. It blends hard rock with theatrical punk very well, which I believe will be well-received among fans and will gain them new fans. My own wishes are that they would have used Greenwood’s and Gould’s dual, male and female, vocals more, and if they had more diverse lyrics in songs like “Suzanne.”


Overall: Eternity, In Your Arms is perfect for fans of My Chemical Romance and AFI. Creeper creates art out of Misery.





Review by Shane Haley

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