The Chainsmokers – Memories…Do Not Open review

     After just releasing an EP at the end of last year, The Chainsmokers are already back again with the chill full length Memories…Do Not Open.

The album opens on a solemn ballad, “The One,” about being too caught up in your own life and not having the will to end a relationship yourself. “Break Up Every Night” talks about a relationship with someone who changes their mind about you all the time. Although it has a more negative topic, the song is upbeat and catchy. The next song, “Bloodstream,” falls on the boring side following the first verse. Chris Martin (vocalist of British rock band Coldplay) is brought in to sing on “Something Just Like This” about not needing a superhero-perfect relationship, which might be the star song on the album. “Paris” follows a young couple running away for a weekend, living off nostalgia. At first I found this track a bit boring, but after a couple listens I find it catchy and the dual male and female vocals(Andrew Taggart, Emily Warren) blend together beautifully. The follow up, a ballad titled “Honest,” is raw, frank, and candid about the superficial temptations of the road while being in a relationship. The track opens with Bono (vocalist of Irish rock band U2) saying you should be the first person to out yourself, which I like that they kept in the song. Second to last song, “Young,” is the only song on the record to feature acoustic guitar. This made a great addition to a song about nostalgia of a young love, unlike the use of an electronic-sounding filter on the vocals of the bridge of the song. All in all, Memories…Do Not Open is a great pop album, with just a few fallbacks, such as a lack of variety in song topics and weird sound effects.


Overall: The Chainsmokers’ debut LP, Memories…Do Not Open, doesn’t stray from the topic of love much, but is a catchy pop album that is easy to listen to.





Review by Shane Haley

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