The Maine – Lovely Little Lonely Review

     The Maine bring summer in April with the release of Lovely Little Lonely.

The album opens with singing a free-spirited “Here’s to now, and to nothing else” in “Don’t Come Down.” Fun, light guitar work and a drum beat to match make this track really stick with the listener. “Bad Behavior” continues that feeling and makes you want to groove, while “Lovely” is a 30-second instrumental that leads to track four. Track four, “Black Butterflies and Deja Vu,” mixes a pumped-up pop-rock song with a chilled pop song effortlessly, which also makes the transition into the more laidback “Taxi.” Being laidback doesn’t make “Taxi” not fun or upbeat, however. “Little” I find to be a bit mundane to be a good stand-alone track, but works well in collaboration with the next song, “The Sound of Reverie.” Rightfully so, the vocals in “Lost in Nostalgia” sound distant, almost like the listener has to look for them, as if it were part of their nostalgic memory. The next song, “I Only Wanna Talk To You,” is a bit too repetitious for my taste, losing count of how many times the track’s title repeats in the four and a half minute song. Album closer “How Do You Feel?” feels like it takes the album full circle by asking the listener question out of question, practically begging them to live free, and it works. This album feels almost like an introspective take on life, which works with the band’s pop rock feel. The Maine definitely don’t disappoint with 2015’s American Candy’s follow-up, Lovely Little Lonely.

Overall: If you’re looking for a feel-good summer album, look no further than The Maine’s Lovely Little Lonely!





Review by Shane Haley

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