Super American – Disposable EP review

     Super American’s latest release, Disposable EP, is a fun, pop rock record out just in time for spring and summer.

The record opens with catchy “Na-Na-Na-Na”s on “Sloppy Jazz” as upbeat drums match stellar guitar riffs. “Feeling Better,” track two, portrays what it’s like to feel terrible and have everyone thinking you’re doing great, all while you’re just yearning to feel better again. While listening to just the instrumentals on this track, the audience is given the feeling that it’s a happy, upbeat song, but when looking at the lyrics, they learn what the writer’s actual thoughts are. Middle track, “Missing Pieces,” is a cute-sounding, acoustic song about coming to terms with the end of a relationship, but still loving that person. “Rebel’s Yell” begins acoustic and picks up midway through, with the introduction of back up “Hallelujah”s that bring the song full-band, concluding the EP on a high note. The Disposable EP in all, is fun and definitely a record with replayability.


Overall: If you’re looking for sad lyrics to upbeat, sing along, pop rock music, look no further than the Disposable EP by Super American.





Review by Shane Haley

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