Tigerwine – Die With Your Tongue Out review

     The debut full-length from Tigerwine gets some pent up anger out with a hard punch called Die With Your Tongue Out.

An instrumental track titled “Kiku” opens the LP and prepares the audience for the dark and eerie record they’re about to listen to. The instrumental leads to “Spit,” an angry and passionate banger. “Sign” is a bit slower and feels a bit drawn out, especially as it spans more than four minutes, while “110” launches the listener into fuming lyrics over lots of distorted guitar riffs. Later in the record, “Sharp Elbows, Pt. 2” is a track that will stick with the listener for awhile. Compared to much of the rest of the album leading up to the song, it’s slower, but it’s got a tune that makes you bob your head and sing along with. “Soot” takes things even slower, but Tigerwine fall back into that drawn-out, boring feeling, seen earlier on the record on “Sign.” The next song, “Heritage,” starts in the same vein as “Soot” and “Sign,” but manages to pick up in the last minute, taking you right into album-closer, “High Roof.” “High Roof” starts good, but ends with almost a minute of uncomfortable, skippable, hard-to-listen-to static that stops with a high-pitched dinged that feels tacky. In all, Die With Your Tongue Out has some good hits, but it’s also got a couple sleepers. With their next release, I’d love to see some more worked-out, put-together slow songs, but for now this current album makes for a great launch into full-length records.

Overall: Die With Your Tongue Out has a few songs you listen to get all of your pent up anger out.





Review by Shane Haley

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