Lions Lions – Monument review

     Lions Lions finds a nice balance between pop rock and pop punk in Monument.

The second song on the record, “Standby,” can feel quite repetitive, but the drums will keep its listener’s head bopping to the beat. Joshua Herzer (vocalist) shows off his range in fast-paced “I’m Not Afraid,” about not backing down and making life your own. “Between Us,” a song originally released in 2015, might be the catchiest song on the album. It’s a song that’s easy to put on repeat and nod your head to while singing along. A couple songs later, “The Bridge” has lighter guitar riffs and pair well with almost-echoing pitched layered vocals throughout the song. Another old song, “Winter,” is about being in a bad place and “just falling deeper into the same hole [you’ve] been digging on [your] own so long,” while met with fun guitar work. “Sleepwalking” is a dark and edgy tune that makes the audience feel like they’re up to something they shouldn’t be. They way Lions Lions is able to portray such a feeling through a song is really cool and feels maybe even a little addicting to listen to. Monument feels like a relaunch of Lions Lions, especially when they’re able to cover an array of feelings on one record, I’m excited to see where the album takes them.


Overall: Monument is definitely a toe-tapper that you can listen to for hours, but it can get a bit repetitive.





Review by Shane Haley

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