Dreamcar at Paradise Rock Club in Boston, MA | Review + Photos

Tuesday night, DREAMCAR rolled into Boston.

If you’re unaware of who your next favorite band is, it consists of Tom Dumont (guitar), Tony Kanal (bass), and Adrian Young (drums) of No Doubt fame with Davey Havok (vocals) of AFI fame (and about five hundred other projects, let’s be real) leading the way in a bright pink suit. Waiting in line before a DREAMCAR show, someone will probably ask you: “Are you here for AFI or No Doubt?” After arriving fairly early to the show, it seemed like the scales were tipped in favor of devout AFI fans supporting Havok on yet another one of his countless musical endeavors. No matter the reason why the fans started lining up hours before the show, the common denominator between us all was an excitement to see this fresh, new band take the stage in Boston for the very first time.

Superet started off the night with sound similar to DREAMCAR’s only with a lot more noise. For me, this wasn’t a bad thing at all. Sonically there’s just a lot more going on. The five piece took up all of the tiny stage at Paradise Rock Club which barely allowed for the members to move, but that didn’t stop them. Their songs were upbeat and got the crowd warmed up for the main event. I found myself bopping around to the music and even more excited to dance with the night’s headliner. I could tell I wasn’t alone in that sentiment either as the whole crowd felt a buzz with a new energy.

Previously in interviews, the bandmates of this “supergroup” have said they came together naturally, organically, and that the chemistry between them just worked. Tuesday’s show was an absolute testament to those statements. The pure joy radiating from them as they performed these brand new songs was palpable. There were so many times during the set where their faces would light up with a smile. All of them could feel the energy that the people of Boston brought. There wasn’t a single person who wasn’t at least bobbing their head to the music; it was impossible for someone to sit still while watching them. With the help of their backup singers Dessy Di Lauro and  Ijeoma Njaka and saxophonist Gabrial McNair, the album was truly brought to life in front of fans’ eyes.

Just like their self-titled album, “After I Confessed” was the first song to get everyone up off their feet. While Havok appeared on stage in an enigmatic fashion, he took control of everyone’s attention as he drew in the whole crowd with his performance. Despite their first release coming out just over a week before this show, fans had already learned every word. Of course, the fans really came alive during “Kill For Candy” and the show’s final song “All of the Dead Girls” as these were two of the songs they’ve had time the longest time to digest. Amidst all of the fun and positive energy,  there were a few bumps during the set as the band started playing “Ever Lonely” and Havok began singing “Do Nothing.” As he glanced at the setlist confused he asked if he was singing the right song to which Njaka shook her head “no” as she kept swaying to the beat. Despite the setlist confusion, everyone humbly laughed off the mistake and went on to enjoy the show.

The energy from the band, crew, and fans alike was some of the best I have felt during a show in quite some time.  There wasn’t a single person there who didn’t have an undying love for music. DREAMCAR pulls you into the moment and won’t let you go until you’ve danced the night away. There is certainly something magical about what these four have created and I’m calling it right now: this won’t be the last we see of them.


Show date: May 23, 2017





Review and photos by Leah Dickerman

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