Matty Mullins – Unstoppable review

     Cristian pop gets another taste of Matty Mullins’ solo project with the release of his second album, Unstoppable.

Matty Mullins’ careful vocals are shown off in track one, “Say It All,” with each syllable sounding carefully discerned as Mullins sings how nothing “will ever resonate like a life of faith.” “Unstoppable” is about how “In the darkest times… his light still shines” with an upbeat, fun tune that makes you want to dance along to. The sixth song, “Christ Be Magnified,” features the track’s titled repeated throughout the whole song and feels like it could almost be a common church hymn. “The Best Is yet to Come” touches on how God will make the future bright, as horns are spread over the whole song, which adds to its feeling of an upbeat sing along. With a slow, more somber start, “You Can” has the most diversity in sound on the record, as the song picks up into full swing about not being enough, but having God to help. Matty Mullins’ sophomore release turns up the volume on God talk, but turns down in variance in topic and sound.


Overall: Unstoppable is another album you can listen to one song on and get the gist of the whole album. Every song talks about the same topic, God’s glory, and has an upbeat, singalong vibe to it, which makes it a good Christian pop album, but that’s also where it ends.





Review by Shane Haley

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