Northbound – The Flaws in Everything EP review

     Northbound is one of those bands where the instant I first heard them, I wanted them to succeed. I can definitely see The Flaws in Everything taking them somewhere big, this is a band to watch out for.

The intro of the first song, “Fade to Black,” gets the EP started with a great hook the pulls the listener in. Next up, “Suitor Type,” has a darker vibe to begin and covers the topic of not being in a good place mentally and wanting to be someone else. The song features cool, interesting guitar riffs and drums that help build up the song. “Well Water” is very short, just barely hitting the two minute mark, but takes the EP into a dirty, grimy feeling, that I feel matches the idea of being “just the soil you’re planted in” very well. On the other hand, while “Lonely Squid” also does a good job of matching instrumentals and vocals to its lyrics, the song feels a bit dragged out, and longer than it actually is. The last track on the EP, “Tell Me Something Good,” talks about conflicting emotions within yourself versus how others see you, like with “I’m your safety, But I’m lonely” or “I don’t want to be lost, But I don’t want to be found.” “Tell Me Something Good” features some of the best guitarwork on the release and ends in what feels like a cutoff start to a wicked guitar solo, leaving the track feeling incomplete. The Flaws in Everything might not be perfect(there are flaws in everything, y’know), but I can definitely see this release launching Northbound onto more people’s maps.

Overall: For being titled The Flaws in Everything, I honestly can’t find too many flaws. Definitely a great listen for pop punk, pop rock, and emo fans!





Review by Shane Haley

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