Columbus – Next to Me EP review

     I’m a complete sucker for acoustic EPs, and Columbus’ Next to Me EP is no exception.

The release kicks off with a new song “Next to Me” that’s fun and refreshing. From the catchy beat to the “oo-oo”s you’ll be singing along before the end of the song. The second new song is track four on the EP, titled “The Downsides of Being Honest.” The song talks about the end of a relationship and “thinking fuck letting go,” but has more upbeat guitar and drums that make you wanna pull out the ole’ acoustic and start jamming. The EP also takes three songs from Columbus’ previous release, Spring Forever, and gives “Say What You Want,” “Daffodil,” and “Raindrop” an acoustic spin. The band slows each song down and makes them sound even more heartfelt and honest than on their full-length. The Next to Me EP proves Columbus can take their music acoustic and still rock out and have fun.


Overall: If you like pop punk, acoustic jams, or both, definitely take a look at Columbus’ latest release!





Review by Shane Haley


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