New Found Glory – Makes Me Sick review

     Pop punk icon New Found Glory is back with Makes Me Sick!

     “Your Jokes Aren’t Funny” kicks off the record with a synth-infused pop punk anthem. The record doesn’t deviate much at all from this sound for the entire album. The second song, “Party On Apocalypse,” is a take on modern society and complains all the way through about “this self-centered generation.” The most different sounding track on the record may be “The Sound of Two Voices.” I has a bit of a pop-punk beach party vibe, which fits the island cover art, but is ironic when a previous song, “Call Me Anti-Social,” complains “it’s way too hot outside” and being “safe inside.” As the album progresses, “Barbed Wire” talks of a dangerous, untouchable love. While it’s the catchiest song on the album, it’s alo the most repetitive and, at times, annoying. Its chorus is synth-heavy and the vocals sound like they’re trying to be annoying. The last song starts with a cool drum and bass riff in “The Cheapest Thrill.” The song takes the typical pop punk “fell in love too fast, then it all went wrong” storyline, nothing too special. As a whole, this album was honestly pretty disappointing, it felt more like a stereotypical pop punk song just reworked in 10 slightly different ways.


Overall: Run-of-the-mill, catchy pop punk songs. Not much variance between any of the songs. If you like classic pop punk, check it out.





Review by Shane Haley

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