Grayscale – Adornment review

     Since the release of What We’re Missing, Grayscale has been making serious waves in the music scene. Adornment solidifies their place in the scene.

     With the album’s start with “Let It Rain,” Grayscale stand on the edge of pop rock and pop punk beautifully. The song brings the right amount of rock and catchiness that makes you want to sing your heart out and air drum your arms off. “Come Undone” starts soft but picks up rather suddenly, almost like something “came undone” and released the full band to play, which works so well. The addition of Patty Walters (vocalist of UK pop punk band As It Is) works so well. Walters’ and Collin Walsh’s (vocalist of Grayscale) vocals pair together so well that I definitely wouldn’t be upset if Walters were featured on every Grayscale song. The lead single for the record, “Atlantic,” borders on a stereotypical pop punk song about needing to get out of your town. “Forever Yours” starts easing the listener into the next section of the album, the darker side. The song is a beautiful, yet tragic acoustic love song. Track seven packs a punch with “Mum.” It’s an emotional track about losing a parent to addiction, including the hard-hitting lyric “I waited for you to come home, but you never came” that relates having faith in someone, when you shouldn’t. “Slept” is another acoustic-starter. It feels like a lullaby, even as the song picks up, as it relates the lack of lightning bugs to losing sleep and losing comfort. The album ends on another angry song, “If I Ever See You Again,” about being better off without someone. The guitar solo at just past the two minute mark is sick. “If I Ever See You Again” ends the album with a punch and makes the album feel whole and complete, as it ends where it starts: a kickass pop rock / pop punk song.

Overall: Definitely one of the best releases of the year. One of the best new artists and they’re picking up speed fast. Check. Them. Out.





Review by Shane Haley

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