Mallory Knox – Unwired EP review

     Another acoustic EP by another band I love. This time: Mallory Knox’s Unwired EP. I am definitely OK with music in 2017.

     Track one, “Giving It Up,” is reimagined from an edgy, almost angry, rock hit to a slow and somber speed. “California” becomes a sweet, caring melody that’ll have anyone singing along by the end. One of my personal favorites off the original album, “Better Off Without You,” still keeps its fun vibe that makes me want to dance and get super into the music. The acoustic rendition of “Wired” might take thing a bit too slow for my taste. What I liked about the original version was the fast-paced, kind of electric vibe, and I don’t feel it made for a great acoustic track. In the end, Unwired leaves me wanting more. I definitely would love to hear the rest of the album reworked acoustically. Namely, I think “Falling In Love” and “Come Back Around” would sound great as acoustic reworks.


Overall: Mallory Knox prove they’re able to handle the acoustic side of things pretty gosh darn well.





Review by Shane Haley

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