Airways – Starting to Spin EP review

     Airways is making making waves in the brit rock scene with their Starting to Spin EP.    

   “One Foot” brings the listener into this groovy, indie rock that’ll get your heading bopping, hands air drumming, and mouth singing on even your first listen. The band keeps this groovy vibe going throughout the EP, as “White Noise Boys” keeps up an infectious beat and “Reckless Tongue” brings in fun guitar riffs. The vocals in the title track are enticing, talking about a night out drinking, and makes it hard to sit still while listening. Closing out the EP, “Mate” seems to combine the whole EP into itself, from the groovy vibe to an infectious beat to fun guitar riffs to creating a sound you just want to sing aloud with. Something about these guys’ sound feels so familiar, I can’t place why, but the familiarity combined with the new, fresh vibe it creates lends to a great combination, leaving me wanting more. I definitely can’t wait to see where the future takes Airways.


Overall: Airways’ Starting to Spin EP is infectious and won’t leave your head, in the best way possible.





Review by Shane Haley

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