Our Last Night – Selective Hearing EP review

     With their last release, Younger Dreams, Our Last Night was met with backlash from some fans for going “too soft.” Selective Hearing brings back those familiar screams and heavy guitar riffs that fans were missing.

     “Broken Lives” opens the album. In my opinions, this is one of the catchiest songs this band has released. The drums infect your mind and stay there for days. The next track, “Tongue Tied,” sounds like a love song at first, but when you pay attention to the lyrics, “You can’t wait to turn the world against me” it’s actually about someone who’s out to get you and hurt your name. “Free radicals” is where this EP really steps it up a notch sonically. The song starts off slower, but incrementally ramps up into the iconic screaming Our Last Night is known for. The catchiness of “Caught In The Storm” rivals that of “Broken Lives,” as it talks of the highly-relatable topic of drifting apart from friends that you thought you’d never drift from. The record begins closing out with “Ivory Tower” and “Common Ground,” a pair that bring back that heavy edge and and anger. “Ivory Tower” really highlights Trevor Wentworth’s unclean vocals, while “Common Ground” shows off both Trevor and Matt Wentworth’s clean vocals. Selective Hearing brings the album to a close with “Ghost In The Machine,” a softer song, even bringing acoustic guitar into the mix at one point. The softer song doesn’t go without any screaming, however, yet never loses this pop-ish sound that reminds me of “I Built A Friend” by Alec Benjamin. The EP doesn’t bring any new to the table for Our Last Night, but is definitely able to satisfy fans from both their softer and heavier releases.


Overall: Our Last Night finds a way to satisfy fans both new and old, but overall doesn’t show too much progression in their music.





Review by Shane Haley



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