Royal Blood – How Did We Get So Dark? review

     The more and more I listen to Royal Blood’s How Did We Get So Dark? the more and more I love it.

     The album’s title track brings its audience into the dirty, gritty, yet foot-tapping and addicting sound of Royal Blood. Tracks like “I Only Lie When I Love You,” “Look Like You Know,” and “Hook, Line & Sinker” show off the duo alt-rockers’ ability to write the catchiest songs that’ll get stuck in your head for days. “She’s Creeping,” the fourth song, drags a bit for the first 45 seconds, until the song picks up its beat, but goes back to its crawling speed for its verses. Overall, the song is pretty repetitive, but doesn’t detract from the album too much. The album takes a more pure rock-and-roll vibe with “Where Are You Now?” It’s fast and damn, does that beat make you wanna move and groove. The keys intro to “Hole In Your Heart” prepares the listener for a slightly different vibe that continues through the each verse and the song’s outro. The tenth and final song on the album, “Sleep,” is another slower song, but doesn’t drag quite like “She’s Creeping” did. How Did We Get So Dark? feels like today’s Brit Rock scene were placed in the 80’s alt scene, and I love it.


Overall: Royal Blood know how to make you want to groove with their gritty, rock-n-roll album, How Did We Get So Dark?





Review by Shane Haley

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