Modern Chemistry – Everything in Gold review

     Everything in Gold by Modern Chemistry is an album that takes you on a journey.

     It’s starts on the album’s title track, an atmospheric intro tracks that builds up to an energetic outpour of crashing cymbals, guitar riffs, and powerful vocals. The next song, “The Moment,” is where things really start to take off. It’s a fast-paced, pure-pop rock song. The drums provide a beat that’s hard to resist nodding your head and tapping your foot to, as the guitars are melodic and compliment the song well with the drums and vocals. My favorite song off the record is a dark tale of getting over a relationship in “Pretty Death.” “We lost it all, and what a pretty death it was” and “I’ll do my best, the best I can to let it go” are lyrics that have stuck in my mind since my first listen through of the record. The song has its quieter moments and some of the most powerful moments on the record, all blended perfectly into one song. “Tripping Over You” is excellently placed as the follow-up track. The song continues the heartbroken story started in “Pretty Death,” adding lines such as “I’m not even here, a waste of your breath,” and “This pit in my gut isn’t playing around this time,” which are highly relatable and hits you with emotions. When he hits some of those high notes, namely in “Tripping Over You,” “I Can’t Take Myself Anywhere,” and “St. Rain” vocalist Joe Zorzi reminds me of This Wild Life, in the most incredible way, as I listen in awe. Track seven will have you completely immersed in the song, not even halfway through, ready to howl along with the “oo”s in the latter half. “Fever Dream” takes the album into a shorter, slow ballad. The song brings back that atmospheric sound and feel that was apparent in “Everything in Gold” as Zorzi pleads for answers to questions like “How can you say that you won’t let me down again, like before?” Modern Chemistry’s energy picks right back up in “Sleeptalk,” with the drums at the forefront, shining bright. The guitar riffs in “It’s Been a While (Demons)” are incredible, interesting, and make me want to pick up a guitar ASAP and start playing. They create this vibe within the song that keeps your interest, keeps the album fresh, and keeps guitar in rock. “Tradewinds” closes the album out with a powerful rock anthem that I can already hear filling arenas and stadiums around the world alike. The song is definitely the climax of the album, coming to a high point with screams, roaring guitars, and booming drums, while finishing the album on a quieter, more somber note, reminiscent of how the album started. Everything in Gold is one killer of a debut album presented by Modern Chemistry, sure to be on repeat, however you listen to your music.


Overall: Modern Chemistry is going to be your new favorite pop rock band. Start listening now, before they explode in popularity and are playing arenas and stadiums around the world.




Review by Shane Haley

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