Treading Oceans – Land of Misfit Toys review

Hailing from my hometown of St. Louis, Missouri, Treading Oceans bursted from the rock scene with their second album Land of Misfit Toys.

The song “Root Canal” opens the album with a focus on instrumentals. The vocals, introduced nearly halfway through the track, are distant. This ambience transitions to the second song, “Ghost Fight.” The second track is also where the album picks up more, with highly relatable lyrics like “I brought a knife to a ghost fight / I thought I could handle my demons / Here they are back again / under my skin / pulling me back to that place again” taking center stage in the chorus; these lyrics are for times when you realise you’re not as strong as you thought you were. “Nothing Good,” with its fun guitar riffs and drums I could listen to all day, is definitely the highlight of the album. The record slows for the penultimate song, “Cinder Blocks.” Though primarily acoustic, Treading Oceans is able to maintain a catchy tune they established early on in the record with eclectic guitar and engaging drums. Ending on a high note with “Bad Connections”–a song that rivals “Nothing Good” with its guitar riffs–effectively seals the album with a sound that I could see filling rock clubs around the country, but also transitions well to a night in, chilling with friends. By the time a listener reaches the end of Land of Misfit Toys, they’ll be guaranteed to have at least one song stuck in their head.

Overall: Grab a copy of Land of Misfit Toys by Treading Oceans for some catchy tunes to blast while driving down the highway.
Check Out: “Ghost Fight,” “Nothing Good”


Review by Shane Haley


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