The Xcerts – Hold On To Your Heart track-by-track review

Scottish three-piece, The Xcerts, bring fun and emotion to rock n’ roll with their newest album, Hold On To Your Heart.

Here’s my take, song by song, without the fluff that comes with the average album review.

  1. The Dark

A piano ballad, that reminds me of a sadder Billy Joel’s Piano Man. You’ll feel the sorrow and darkness immediately in this track.

“Tell me when the worst is over”







2. Daydream

This song kicks it up a notch for speed excitement. “Daydream” will never leave your head and you won’t be complaining about it because you’re too busy singing along.

“I still hear you calling”


3. Feels Like Falling In Love

Soaring guitar riffs throughout the song match the excitement of falling in love. I can’t listen to this track without immediately bopping my head along with the drumbeat.

“You gotta give up the dark to start again”






4. First Kiss Feeling

The most fun song on the album, a song to dance to and reminisce about the start of a new romance.

“I keep saying your name under my breath”





5. Crazy

Another fun one, one made for late-night highway drives with the windows down.

“Never thought I’d lose my mind to you”


6. Hold On To Your Heart

The title track feels so nostalgic, talking of missing past times, being younger, and running into the night.

“We saw the sun but we chose the night”


7. Drive Me Wild

Saxophone breaks open this song like an ice-cold beer — an unexpected pairing to this country-infused number. The sax and “Hey!”s pay tribute to Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty, but in The Xcerts own style.

“I wanna be free from what’s going ‘round and ‘round in my head”



8. We Are Gonna Live

Do you remember the book and movie Perks of Being a Wallflower? This could easily be the song Charlie, Sam, and Patrick blast while driving through the tunnel.

“We ain’t gonna die like this, we are gonna live”


9. Show Me Beautiful

This pleading ballad finds common ground between the hollowness of sorrow and hope. This song gets two quotes because I love the juxtaposition between it and the first track, “The Dark”.

“We will find ourselves and we will make things right”

“The worst is over”


10. Cry

The saddest and slowest song on the record. A song begging for forgiveness while trying to find hope in the dark.

“We need death to truly feel alive”




Check Out: “Daydream”, “Feels Like Falling In Love”, “First Kiss Feeling”



Review by Shane Haley


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