Super Whatevr – Never Nothing track-by-track review

Super Whatevr’s newest album, Never Nothing, finds a spot within music with a groovy-rock beat.

See the track-by-track below for words on each song, without the fluff of regular reviews!


  1. Ah Oo Oh

An airy, instrumental opening track to set the scene for the rest of the album.

“Ah Oo Oh”


2. Bloomfield

A groovy, bass-heavy track, that’s catchy and perfect for a lazy night in.

“I’m so sick without you”






3. Kathrin With a K

A repetitive track that reminds me of when my brain gets stuck on an idea and keeps going in circles, thinking about and fixating on the same line of thought over and over again.

“I got nothing to do but be with you”





4. Why Do I Wonder Why

The fastest song on the record. Its lyrics tell of the lonely feeling at the end of a relationship, disguised in a fun and frantic facade.

“Would you relieve me over leaving you?”

5. For You

Goes well with the previous track, “Why Do I Wonder Why,” with its quick riffs and alluring drumbeat.

“I’m not sorry for the way I treated me”




6. Cops On Motorcycles

This track feels a bit devious and could fit the part in a movie where it seems the antagonist will be the one who comes out on top.

“Please don’t let go even if I fall”

7. Advice

A turn for the album, a slower, 44 second-long song featuring just vocals and high-reverb guitars.

“Now, I’m not saying you’re indecisive / But I’m not sure if you’re gonna leave or stay”

8. Misquote

Man, I love the guitar in this track. I definitely didn’t leave this song on repeat for hours just so I could listen to the guitar over and over. (I totally did)

“You lack the beauty inside your bones”

9. When Doesn’t The World End?

This song makes me want to smoke a bowl, lay on the couch, and just do nothing all day.

“Drown me in the sand”


10. Telelelevision

A simpler song with a nice build up. California vibes.

“When you look at me you make me wanna believe”



11. 8:51 AM (Saturday Morning Congestion Blues)

Another short, minimalistic song. Love the guitarwork in the latter half. Gets the listener ready for the last song well.

“I wonder when we’ll all be gone”

12. Loser

Starts out as the slowest, most depressing song on the record, until it picks up about halfway through with an instrumental interlude. Closes the record on a note that makes the record feel whole.

“Drown my sin”


Check Out: “Bloomfield,” “Why Do I Wonder Why,” “Misquote”


Review by Shane Haley


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