Speak Low If You Speak Love – Nearsighted track-by-track review

Nearsighted sees Speak Low If You Speak Love take on a new, full-band direction, without straying too far from their signature ballads that could rock you to sleep.

Below’s an album track-by-track, a review without the added fluff.


  1. Have I Changed


An excellent opening track, starting out with a distant vibe, as it slowly builds up, as if the song were getting closer to the listener.

“The devil’s got my tongue on every song I’ve never sung”


  1. Enough

The grooviest song on the record, with a bass line that’ll get you moving and guitar that tickles your ears.

“If only our past tense would speak in simple rhymes”


  1. Contrasting Colors

Fans of Speak Low’s first album, Everything But What Your Need, will be pleased with this acoustic-esque track.

“The mark you said would last, I’m noticing never did”


  1. Ever Yours

“Ever Yours” is a slower, dreamy song wondering how much you actually mattered to someone.

“Pretending like you care can go a long way”


  1. Your Love It Runs

The horns take this song to another level and, when combined with keys, make make it grand.

“I’ve held my tongue / I can taste the blood”


  1. Safety Net

A chill, yet beautiful ballad that features Hannah Dob in the bridge.

“I won’t build you a safety net / If you’re just planning to fall in it”


  1. Hatsuyume

Probably the calmest song I’ve heard that talks about suicide.

“Who’s responsible for what I’ll see when I sleep?”


  1. Circle Spinning

I could melt into Ryan Scott Graham’s vocals in this song, I swear.

“You were emptier than even I could know”


  1. Cannot Have It All

My favorite track on this record. The most raw and vulnerable song, and hits the ball out of the park with relatability.

“I’m afraid to fall apart”


  1. Mystery’s Gone

A marching drum beat that leads up to a major build up of emotion in the end.

“Your scent strives to lure me back to bed”


  1. Hold Me Now

The perfect lullaby — talking about drifting to sleep in a comforting and peaceful manor.

“Life became a wound that lead me to the truth”


  1. Swell

I love the guitar. There’s a nice, more subtle build up over the 6+ minute song that feels so natural and works so well.

“Are we gonna swell?”


Check Out: “Enough,” “Your Love It Runs,” “Cannot Have It All”



Review by Shane Haley


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