Don Broco – Technology track-by-track review

     Don Broco are back with a killer 16-song album.

Technology takes on the negative effects of technology on the world and human connections. Sonically, the record sees(or rather, hears) the band takes a step forward in their ability to write dance-inducing hit after dance-inducing hit. While maintaining heavy guitar riffs, infectious bass lines, head-bang-worthy drum beats, stellar vocals, and dark – yet catchy – lyrics, Technology is definitely not a record to sleep on.


  1. Technology

The title track opens the album on a darker, heavier tone, taking cracks at the use of social media and the incessant need to update the world on every detail of your life.

“The world keeps changing / Soon there won’t be no one else”


  1. Stay Ignorant

“Stay Ignorant” is a groovy head-bopper with a bridge that’ll make you fall in love with it.

“If we’re gonna fake it, fake it right”


  1. T-Shirt Song

I swear this song was made to be blasted in arenas. It has the exact right amount of slower, soft moments mixed in with pumped up energy and, when combined with the dual vocals of Rob Damiani and Matt Donnelly, is the perfect song to swing your t-shirt around above your head( 😉 ).

“I got caught in your details / Grew vulnerable to your ways”


  1. Come Out To LA

Throwing a gnarly right hook at the music industry, “Come Out To LA,” tells of a darker side to the music industry – the side where big names tell you you’re going to be a hit, that you’ll make a name for yourself, but there’s nothing concrete that actually backs up those claims, leaving you with doubts and loss of faith.

“No, I’m not a believer no more / When all I hear is silence o’ lord”


  1. Pretty

This video came out last spring, yet I still think about it regularly. Definitely one of my favorite music videos I’ve ever seen. The song talks about the mental struggle with yourself over the physical beauty versus inner beauty of someone.

“Causing enough fuss up in the big city”


  1. The Blues

“The Blues” explores the difficult task of trying to help a friend recover from a mental low, especially when that person isn’t all too interested in being helped.

“I’m not tryin’ to be your best friend / And I get we can’t caught up for a minute”


  1. Tightrope

My personal favorite of the album, and also the most emotionally charged. It scrutinizes how fragile human connections can be and how even those who’re always supposed to be there for you, might not be.

“I can’t see how you don’t care / I’m no good at hearing it”


  1. Everybody

Quite possibly the best song intro. Simon Delaney’s guitar setting the song’s tone, soon adding in Donnelly’s vocals, and tasty cowbell, this song is fun and makes you want to dance, even when the song is about a very low point in the band’s history.

“I lost the love / It run me down”


  1. Greatness

Tom Doyle’s groovy bassline is sure to get you swaying and you’ll melt right into this track, forgetting the rest of the world exists for the 3 minutes and 22 seconds.

“Give me fucking greatness / Or give me nothing at all”


  1. Porkies

I can’t get over the guitar riffs in this. Damiani introduces this gruff, raspy voice that fits this song so well, and matches the song’s angst about fake news, with definite draws to their inspirations like Deftones and System Of A Down.

“Shout down the devil ‘til your throat’s red raw”



  1. Got To Be You

Another emotion-packed slower track, this time about the lengths you’ll go to have someone important to you stay in your life, even if it’s detrimental to your own wellbeing.

“Priceless touch and I’ll pay the cost”


  1. Good Listener

If it’s ever worried you that your phone responds to “Okay, Google” or “Hey Siri,” even when you’re not currently using it, this song is for you.

“Thanks a bunch for listening to me”


  1. ¥

This is another song I could hear filling arenas – it’s got this powerful energy behind it that forces the listener to love it.

“Check your wallet”


  1. Something To Drink

One of the most relatable songs on the album, about needing a drink to make bad company a bit easier to manage.

“We had a bad year / Forget and erase it”


  1. Blood In The Water

If Donnelly’s drums in this track don’t sweep you off your feet, I think you need to give this song another listen.

“I swear we’re in this together / I swear / But it was all a dream”


  1. Potty Mouth

I love this song and its “fuck you, I do what I want” attitude toward what a band should be putting out, music-wise.

“It’s been a hell of a day / But don’t sweat it / You are notorious”


Check Out: “Pretty,” “Tightrope,” “Everybody,” “Greatness”



Review by Shane Haley

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