The Wrecks – Panic Vertigo EP track-by-track review

     A breath of fresh air is breathed into pop punk and pop rock with The Wrecks’ Panic Vertigo EP.

    The record takes the best things from pop and rock, resulting in five incredibly catchy and addictive new songs that’ll get you dancing around town long after the songs stop playing. The breakdown of the EP, track by track, is below!


  1. Figure This Out

The whole lead in and build up of this song snatched my heart from the very first listen. Very fun and upbeat.

“I promise that you’re never gonna figure me out”



2. James Dean

Goddamn, the groove in the chorus is infectious. This song is guaranteed to have you singing along by the end. I can’t wait for summer and blasting this while driving down the coast.

“I think we all grow up / Thinking life is gonna be like the movies”






3. Way With Words

The drumbeat and light guitar in the bridge feels so genuine and candid, I don’t think I’ve ever heard the words “I hate your guts” sound so endearing.

“You got a way with words / I got away with worse”


4. Panic Vertigo

This song grew on me over time. Not that I didn’t like it on first listen, I just didn’t vibe it as much as the other songs on this EP right away. The mix of electric and acoustic guitar fits right into the “panic vertigo” theme.

“I got hope in my heart”





5. Revolution

Every aspect of the band – vocals, guitar, bass, drums – is shown off in this track. I love the emotion and passion behind this track and how that’s heard through every instrument and the vocals, leaving the EP to end on a high, energetic note that gets you ready to take on that big task you’ve been nervous about.

“If I’m in my head / Then who’s keeping time”




Check Out: “James Dean,” “Way With Words”


Review by Shane Haley


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