Secrets – Self-Titled track-by-track review

 Secrets is back with a self-titled fourth album!

Even with just two remaining original members, the Secrets sound we know and love persists, growing with this newest record. Here are my track-by-track thoughts.


  1. Sixteen
    “A celebration of separation.” Well, there’s no separation here – between vocals and instruments – everything is a smooth blend of heavy and clean. The sound I love from Secrets is in full bloom on this first track. Plus, who doesn’t love a little bit of pettiness, why else would divorce parties be a thing?

I’m leaving on my terms / I’m better on my own



2. Fourteen
I can hear the pop influence in this song, as Secrets combines it with their personal sound. The lyrics and tempo contrast, creating a sense of irony that constantly keeps you questioning the words as you sing along.

I never knew that hearts could shatter just like broken glass



3. Incredible
This band has a knack for producing songs that make you feel the need to sing along to. This song is the anthem of the album – it has everything I love, from heavy downbeats, to sing ability, to a great balance of clean and unclean vocals.

“Since then I’ve never felt anymore safe”






4. Strangers
This song is so catchy, it will get stuck in your head for hours. Do yourself a favor and just leave it on repeat.

“We’re both too scared to leave”





5. Five Years
For those who prefer a heavier sound, this song is for you. It’ll make you want to head bang and, while the tempo slows at the chorus, you’ll still want to move. Besides, your brain needs a break from head banging so you don’t get dizzy.

“I think I’m finally ready to move on”



6. Mouth Breather
First of all, what an amazing title. This whole song is just a mood. We all have that annoying person we can’t yell at, so instead just play this song a few hundred times.

“Here’s a needle and a thread / go stitch your fucking wounds up”



7. Lost Cause
A tribute to early 00s pop punk. Spotify should add it to the pop punk powerhouses playlist (that alliteration!).

“I wasn’t meant for making it / but I’m not the type to call it quits”



8. Last Time
The perfect mix of mellow and heavy. You’ll be bopping your head the whole song. Good for when you’re so fed up that you’re calm.

“You’re too far down for me to save now / my wings can’t hold you up”



9. Chemical Reaction
These gentle intros really get me. A rare love song that keeps with the established sound. I agree with the band’s decision to not go acoustic with this track, they did a good job at conveying meaning while using the full register of their instruments and making tempo increases coincide with the lyrical meaning.

“This world is screaming but I only hear your voice whispering crystal clear”



10. 3.17.16
I love a good sad song. The song overall is great, the flow of the instruments mirrors the emotions being expressed. My sympathies go out to Richard and his family. Read the full story behind the song here.

“I never said goodbye / now I’m stuck with your ghost”




11. The End
There’s more of a pop rock sound in this song than I’m used to, but Secrets manages to maintain their personal flair to create an interesting and new experience.

“We’re falling apart / my heart’s at the edge / and I feel like jumping / and not looking back”



12. Let Me In
This song also has more of an emphasis on pop than I’m used to. It reminds me of Fall Out Boy’s new album, M A  N   I    A, or even someone like U2. Richard’s voice is so distinguishable, however, that it keeps the flair Secrets is known for while pushing for a new sound.

“Love doesn’t ask, it just invites itself in”


Check Out: “Incredible,” “Mouth Breather,” “3.17.16”


Review by Dee Dee Landon

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