Household – Everything a River Should Be track-by-track review

The influences of punk and emo are unmistakable in Household’s Everything a River Should Be, as they redefine their sound on their sophomore full length record.

A track-by-track dissection below:

1. Away
This song gets better and better the longer you listen. I love how it starts out feeling far away, and as the reverb lessens the song feels closer and clearer.
“Holding on is the hardest part / when your body can lie beneath the dirt”








2. It’s Easy to Feel Rotten
The guitar and drums are paired so well together and the whole build up of the song works so well.
“Won’t you resurrect me?”







3. Dark Matter
An honest take on the dark side of a human relationship.
“Next to you, I’m the only one”


4. Don’t Listen to Me
My favorite track on this record – I’m a sucker for a good bridge and a good build up.
“Am I breaking peace if I study the frames?”






5. Misiziibi
A slow interlude that feels a bit stitched together, but flows into the next song seamlessly.
“This time is all we have now”







6. Far from Me
Landing in the exact middle of the record, right where a lot of records begin to lull, this track brings in tempo changes and an emo-catchiness that pulls you you to keep listening.
“I can take such simple time and fill it with lies”


7. Scared to Be
Another great one, always gets me head-bobbing, the lingering guitar at the end is a fantastic touch.
“Together we learned to dream”







8. Dreamer
This song is for all those doubts in your mind as you start a relationship with someone new.
“I’m just dreaming of nothing”


9. Shore Slipper
The vocals and instruments all feel blended together, fading into each other in this short, distant track matching the theme of fading feelings.
“And I wish you could stay / ’Cause I know how this fades away”







10. Safe World
I love all the guitar work and the heavy drums match the dark lyrical content. One of the most interesting tracks on the record.
“Am I alive or is this a lie making a liar out of me?”



11. Bloom
Closing the album on perhaps one of the most ominous songs on the LP was a great touch, feeling like the ribbon that ties it all together.
“You’ve become my lullaby for quite some time now”


Check Out: “Don’t Listen to Me,” “Far From Me,” “Safe World”
Review by Shane Haley


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