Peter Wise – Unattached track-by-track review

     Unattached, Peter Wise’s debut album, hits big with its well-balanced assortment of faster and slower songs, each with its own unique groove that’ll leave you wanting more.

  1. Unattached

I love the immediate speed with this first track. It’s got an infectious beat and groove that leaves with no choice but to move along. The song closes on a killer guitar solo I could listen to over and over.

“Call me young / Call me dumb / But I’ma keep livin’ it right”


  1. Want Too Much

The groove continues in Want Too Much, as Wise brings in his incredible falsetto. I’m not sure it’s possible to listen through this song and not sing along.

“I’ll give you my all / If you want me to / But gimme some time / And I’ll find my way out”


  1. Feel the Rain

The album slows a bit, for this emotional and relatable ballad. The song ends so well on a perfectly-executed a cappella.

“I’m not a prisoner to depression / I just see what’s around my lane”


  1. Proud of Me

This is another relatable track, talking about feeling lost compared to your peers and just wanting someone to be proud of you.

“I want to be more than what this world tells me to be”


  1. Can’t Do It Alone

God damn, Peter Wise and Tiger Darrow nail this duet, the harmonies are fantastic.

“Home’s gonna call you home someday”


  1. Sandcastle State of Mind

If you’re into fun songs (who isn’t?), this song’s for you! It has a little bit more of a darker overtone complimented by Wise’s gorgeous falsettos that help give this song a lively edge.

“You can take your holy / This little light of mine don’t shine / I think I’ll put that all aside and for one night I’ll just have a / Sandcastle state of mind”


  1. Pull Me Under

While pulling those darker vibes from the previous song, Pull Me Under introduces an powerful sound that could fill an amphitheater.

“The good, the bad, the ugly / It’s a rollercoaster life”


  1. Not Anymore / Get on Through

I’m honestly not one for long songs(this one clocks in at 7:09), but the interlude featuring a couple’s squabble insures to keep my interest through the song and creates the climax for the album.

“You think that I’ll come crawling back to you / Like I always do / But I’m not coming back to you anymore / No, not anymore”


  1. Fall Back to Me

You know that feeling when you’ve spent a long time away from home in the dead of winter, then you return home, sit your couch, cuddling into your favorite blanket? This song is that exact warm, comforting feeling.

“You searched far and wide / But I was gone without a clue”


  1. No Matter What You Do

This song follows its predecessor so nicely, rounding out the album, bringing it to a peaceful, wholesome close.

“Can you think of what I’d be / If you never came and put your spell on me?”


Check Out: “Want Too Much,” “Pull Me Under”



Review by Shane Haley

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