Halsey’s New Single “Nightmare” Comes at the Perfect Time

Halsey released a new song, “Nightmare,” on Friday and it was love at first listen.

Rock, pop, and hip-hop all combine to create something new and fresh in the world of pop music and radio hits. If this is any indication of the direction of her next album, then I eagerly await what comes next.

“Nightmare’s” strong political undertones, while inspired by Halsey’s personal experiences, relate to today’s current political happenings. The sing-songwriter fervently expresses ownership of her own body, an unwillingness to allow men to dictate what she can do with it. With lyrics like “I’m tired and angry, but somebody should be” and “I don’t owe you a goddamn thing,” she encourages women to take control of their own bodies, to stand up for their rights, and to live for no one but themselves.

The song release coincides with the abhorrent legislative actions in Alabama, Georgia, Ohio, and Missouri that aim to control women. “Nightmare” is the perfect anthem for the continuing fight against patriarchal control over women’s bodies. It is raw and angry, and perfectly aligns with the emotions surrounding the multi-state effort to infringe upon women’s rights. Most importantly, it reminds us to stay involved “’cause kindness is weakness, or worse, you’re complacent.”

I encourage everyone to get involved in this fight. Donate to your local Planned Parenthood, or other safe medical facility. Support candidates who support women’s rights. And most importantly, vote. We cannot allow this to stand or continue to happen.

Review by Dee Dee Landon

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